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In Brief

Vangelis Fampas was born in Athens. He studied classical guitar from a very early age with his father Dimitri Fampas. Since the age of 16 he has been involved with composing and performing. From 1979 to 1995 he lived in New York, where he attended graduate school as he simultaneously worked full time as a composer for theater and TV. He received an MA from CUNY and he continued towards a DMA from SUNY. He has been a composer in residence with the Greek theater of NY and an associate composer for CBS and PBS programs.
He has scored a good number of theatre productions, fiction film, documentary, and commercial film.  

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Latest work

 "The Guardians Son"-Greek "Ο Γιüς του Φýλακα" Feature Film 2006 Prod. G.F.C., ERT, Cl. Prod., Massive Prod

"The Passage" 2007  Prod. G.F.C., ERT, Vlassis Stathoulias., Massive Productions

ET3 Greek National TV of Northern Greece 2005 : All musical spots, corporate and News stingers

"Tsiklidan", theatre 2005, National Theatre of Northern Greece

CD project: New song album with artist Sotiria Leonardou.

CD project: New song album with singer Klaudia Delmer.

ET 1 Greek National TV - "The Diaries of George Theotokas"  Documentary, Oct.2005

ET 1 Greek National TV - "Discussion with my mother Lela Karagianni" Documentary, Oct.2005

"Ano, kato...Teleia" TV series 2004-2005, NET, Greek National TV

"Journey into the Greek Myth", documentary video 2005 Prod. Jim Bak productions

"Places of the Myths" 12 documentaries, ET1 2004

"Adrianna in Athens" ZDF-Karaba prod. Documentary 2004